About Us


Inspire people to live their best lives.

Craze was designed for those who love to travel, try different foods and learn about the latest fitness trends. It was created for people who wake up with a purpose, live life to the fullest and continue to explore their interests. Craze connects people searching for new experiences, self-improvement or help completing everyday tasks with local lifestyle professionals who can provide the inspiration, motivation, and know-how to help people reach their personal goals.


When we started Craze back in 2015, we realized there were many sites that provided inspiration in the lifestyle space from blogs to social media platforms, but if you wanted to throw a memorable New Year’s Eve party or get in shape for your next vacation, it was hard to figure out where to begin. You were just left with unanswered questions such as who can help me with this? Which products should I buy and from where? You had the inspiration but lacked the motivation. Why even try when it’s so difficult to get the answers you need?

On the other hand, if you somehow did muster up the motivation, you still needed help. When you searched for event planners, fitness trainers or make-up artists who could help you realize your vision, the results completely lacked individuality. It became increasingly difficult to find, choose and connect with the RIGHT professional who could help you achieve your goals. Most of the listing sites were intended for “need-based” professionals instead of “want-based” professionals that the lifestyle space thrives on. There was no single destination where people could get inspired as well as cultivate their hobbies, learn new skills, discover unique products and stay updated on the latest trends in their areas of interest.

This is where we saw the need for something better. A place where people can connect with lifestyle experts and local professionals who will inspire them with beautiful content and motivate them with their expertise and know-how to live happier, more fulfilling lives, ultimately serving as an inspiration to others.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

— Maya Angelou

Meet the Founders

Rajul Kadakia

Cofounder and CEO

Rajul started Craze in 2015 when she was trying to throw a surprise birthday party for her 13-year old daughter. Before Craze, Rajul founded Kazaana, a social network for kids, and Designs by Rajul, which specialized in handmade keepsake albums. Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Rajul worked at First Union as an Oil & Gas Equity Research Analyst and at HPs Enterprise Server Division in the Business Planning and Strategy Group. She has two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Accounting and Biology.

How would you use Craze?

1. Learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness.

2. Have a personal chef cook dinner for me and my girlfriends.

3. Find a unique volunteerism opportunity in a country I’ve never visited.

Neil Markey

Cofounder and CTO

Neil grew up on the outskirts of London and loves traveling to Japan and Hawaii annually. He worked with Rajul at Kazaana prior to founding Craze. Neil is a seasoned technology executive with over 20 years of experience in consumer applications, e-commerce and gaming from leading technology companies in Silicon Valley including Deem, Stella & Dot, Cafe Press, Playfirst and HP. Neil graduated top of his class from Staffordshire University with a degree in Computer Science.

How would you use Craze?

1. Find new and exciting places to visit and explore.

2. Hire a nutritionist and a trainer to proactively stay healthy.

3. Learn how to make tasty food that’s actually good for you.